About New Boston

New Boston Logo

New Boston is a rural New Hampshire town of approximately 5,500 residents with a rich history, gorgeous landscape and an amazing sense of community. The Town was officially incorporated on February 18, 1763 and in 2013 celebrated its' 250th anniversary. To learn more about the history of the Town, please visit the Historical Society's website.   The official Town Logo features the Molly Stark Cannon, which is on view at the Historical Society and is brought out and fired (3 times), every 4th of July and part of the day-long celebration that has been a tradition in New Boston for over 82 years!

And speaking of the 4th of July, our little Town was featured in the July, 2018 New Hampshire Magazine where it was noted, "No one does the 4th of July like New Boston."  However, we don't wait for the official 10AM kickoff of the parade to start celebrating.  On July 3rd into the wee hours of July 4th, you can often hear strange noises passing through neighborhoods and up and down dirt roads... it's the legendary Ghost Train.  When you're awakened by the eerie sound of a train whistle, you'll swear a train is passing by your house, but then it's gone - not to be heard again for a full year.  Of course the firing of our famous cannon is an annual favorite on the 4th, but don't be surprised if you hear cannon fire at other times.  There are any number of privately owned cannons in Town (it’s a New Boston thing), and they can be heard occasionally over the course of the summer.  It’s also fairly common for fireworks to be heard leading up to the 4th of July holiday and continuing right through the summer (again, it’s a New Boston thing)!

If you wish to set out to explore our community, just know that there are over 100 miles of roads in Town and almost ½ of them are dirt roads.  It’s not recommended to rely too heavily on navigation software, as it will often lead you astray.  You may also want to be careful in the Springtime (also known as mud season), as the dirt roads in Town can be tricky to navigate. 

The Piscataquog River (which actually means Place of Deer), winds through our Town and provides scenic venues for all to enjoy.  The Town also owns several parcels of riverfront land, monitored by the New Boston Conservation Commission, that provide residents and visitors access to quiet forests, hilltop views, beaver ponds and hidden spots to witness natural wonders. 

Because of the rural nature of our Community and the diversity of the landscape, you will find a rich variety of wildlife.  Don’t be surprised if you spot deer, moose, black bear, bobcats, coyote, beaver, fox and so many more – they are all sharing the land with us.