Brush Collection Area Rules

Brush Collection Area will only accept brush and clean wood or lumber.
Brush MUST be 5" or less in diameter, leaves may be attached.
Wood or lumber must be clean and untreated.
NO paint, NO glue, NO plywood, NO masonite, NO pressure-treated, NO stains.
See construction demolition for any of the above restricted items.
The Transfer Station can not accept any Invasive Plant Species
(invasive plants can not be legally transported)
Mixed loads WILL NOT be allowed to enter the Brush Collection Drop-off area.
Unacceptable materials;
yard or garden waste
painted wood
pressure treated wood
household trash
A maximum of 5 standard pickup truck loads in a calendar year are allowed. The brush collection area is intended for residential home maintenance. Due to collection area limits, land clearing material or forest cleanup material can not be accepted.