Information for Verizon Customers

For Verizon customers, we’d like to provide you with some information on the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) - What is the ACP?

The ACP was created by Congress and implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help eligible households receive a subsidy of up to $30 a month, or up to $75 a month on Tribal Lands, towards internet service.  ACP is non-transferrable and limited to one monthly internet discount. ACP is a federal government benefit program operated by the Federal Communications Commission and, if it ends, or when a household is no longer eligible, customers will be subject to the provider’s regular rates, terms, and conditions.

Who is eligible to participate in the ACP?  You may be qualified for the program if -

-You, your child or dependent participate in certain government assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or other programs.

-You’re a member of select Tribal Assistance programs.

-You, your child or dependent already receive a Lifeline benefit.

-You received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.

-You’re eligible based on your household income.

How do I enroll in the ACP?

Step 1: Apply to qualify

Step 2: After your service has been activated and you have your USAC ID, go online to enroll in the ACP and have the subsidy applied to your bill.


Cellular Dead Zones:

To resolve Verizon dead zones, Verizon Wireless customers should call Verizon Wireless to create a ticket every time they can’t make a call, drop a call, etc.  The more tickets received make it more urgent to Verizon to see an issue to resolve.

For each ticket, Verizon Wireless will review the when, where, how, etc of the call to determine if it was hardware or signal or the other caller for the reason of the dropped call or dead zone, etc.

The more residents call with the same location issues the better they can determine how to resolve.