Betsey Dodge Conservation Area

(formerly Middle Branch)

walkThis exquisite conservation area combines high and low vantage points of the river, a woodland road, a short esker, a nest of glacial erractics, a pond shoreline and a high-ground field.

Bear scratches on beech trees, deer prints in wet leaves and snow, an otter slide on a muddy bank, even the raucous call of a Pileated Woodpecker can enliven your passage.

Where a shingle mill once shattered today's silence, insect-catching birds are now nesting. A beaver dam in the river replaced an earlier one in the small pond, where migrating birds and waterfowl stop over twice a year.

Turtles live near the old mill site and wildflowers can be found everywhere.

Following the path through the area will provide the walker, cross country skier or snow-shoer glimpses of the pond, streams and an old wagon ford.

The Conservation Areas require seasonal maintenance. The Commission invites New Boston residents and others to join us in this work. Please contact the Conservation Commission if you are interested.

Spring walk

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