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We have implemented a new way of keeping our residents informed of events and meetings that are occuring in the town. Whenever a new event or document is posted to the Web site you have an opportunity to receive a copy of that posting in your personal EMail box, automatically. It won't be necessary to visit the Web site, although we encourage you to do so, since not all folders will be subscribable.  And if you decide that you no longer want to receive notices automatically, you can use the following form to remove your name from the list.

How to Subscribe:

For example, to properly subscribe to News & Announcements you are required to supply the following information:

        • Select an action: Add My Name or Remove My Name
        • Select from the Mail Lists: e.g. News & Announcements
        • Your e-mail address: e.g.

If your EMail address is correct then the Subscriber will respond to your request promptly and you will receive an EMail confirmation in your incoming mailbox.  In order to protect your privacy, you MUST reply to this email in order to receive postings from the list.  This is a receive-only list and you may remove your name from it at any time by using this form.

If you are interested in signing up for the new Text Message Alerts option, please read the next section.

Click here to skip this information.

To sign up for Text Message Alerts you must enter the email address that your cell phone carrier provides for your phone to receive text messages.  You can use the table below to choose the correct format for your phone provider.

Enter your cell phone's email address in the "Your Email" field below, check off only the box for Text Message Alerts and click Send My Request.   

(Do not select any other topics when you enroll for Text Message Alerts.  Those postings are not suited for cell phone text messages and the results may be unpredictable.)

If the email address is correct you will receive a confirmation message on your cell phone.  You MUST reply to that message to complete the enrollment process.  To reply, simply select Reply from your cell phone and then Send - you do not need to enter any extra information.   Once the enrollment is complete you will receive a Welcome message on your cell phone.  

Standard text messaging charges may apply
Contact your cell phone provider if you have questions

Cell Phone Provider
Email Address
(phone number must include area code)
AT&T (formerly Cingular)
Boost Mobile
Sprint (now Sprint Nextel)
Virgin Mobile USA

Please test out your cell phone email address by sending a standard email message from your regular email account to your cell phone email address.  If you do not receive the message please contact your cellular or paging provider for additional information.

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