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Are you ready to change your life, to stay independent,
get energized, be strong, be happy and live longer?

Then ZENgevity Fitness is for you!

8 Weeks for $40 or drop in for $5 a class

Classes held at the New Boston Recreation Office/Old Engine House
Register online HERE

Welcome to ZENgevity!
Better Body, Better Brain, Better Balance for ages 50 and better!

Are YOU ready to change your life, to stay independent, get energized, be strong, be happy and live longer?   Then, ZENgevity Fitness is for YOU!  No need to run a Marathon or lift a 100 lbs. at the gym, ZENgevity is Real exercise for Real People!

ZENgevity is perfect for those who are looking for something new, have tried other things that didn’t work, don’t like “gyms” and are searching for that “MORE”!

Get ready to move your body and power up your brain!

ZENgevity is a safe and gentle movement program designed specifically for ages 50 and better to STAY ACTIVE and ENJOY LIFE! More than an exercise program, ZENgevity Fitness is a blend of holistic health, movement and Life Coaching in one supportive, FUN package!

You will LOVE the easy and gentle moves, made for YOU!  With support and guidance from a ZENgevity teacher, YOU will feel better and enjoy life more!

More info about ZENgevity and its benefits below

All New Boston Recreation classes, programs and events schedules are subject to change
(Please check with your physician to verify your health will permit you to participate in this class) 

Pre-registration and payment are required.
Register & pay online HERE
or at the New Boston Recreation office.

So, what is ZENgevity?

This fitness program is a combination of gentle and joyful movements designed for ages 50 and better, of all fitness levels to exercise mind, body and spirit in community.  ZENgevity fitness is for any shape, size, age or ability and allows each person expression through movement, dialog, and meditation.  This unique blend of movement and healing practices promotes neurological integration, balance, flexibility, and strength to improve physical and mental dexterity.  Each class is an opportunity to move, connect with others, touch and be visible.

Ten Components of ZENgevity!                                    Some Benefits of ZENgevity

1. Breath                                                                        ¨ Stay independent

2. Juicy Joints                                                                ¨ Increase strength

3. Neuro, Micro, & Macro-movements                      ¨ Feel good, feel happy

4. Touch                                                                          ¨ Increase flexibility

5. Balance                                                                     ¨ Increase energy

6. Meditation                                                               ¨ Increase endurance

7. Sensory Awareness                                                    ¨ Stay mobile

8. Sounding                                                                    ¨ Better health

9. Expression of Feelings                                               ¨  Increase balance

10. Community/Social                                               ¨  Less stress

                                                                                                  ¨ Better breathing

                                                                                                  ¨ Be calm, peaceful & confident

                                                                                                  ¨ Have fun & laugh

We strongly encourage you to check with your physician before beginning this or any exercise program
5 Meetinghouse Hill Rd., Old Engine House