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Livable, Walkable Communities
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Livable Walkable Communities Process Launched

Our New Boston Livable, Walkable Community project has gotten off to an earlier start than we had expected.  On July 20, Terry Johnson, Executive Director of New Hampshire Celebrates Wellness, came to New Boston to talk to members of the Livable, Walkable Communities (LWC) Steering Committee.  You may recall that in the late fall of 2004, the New Boston Foot Traffic and Road Safety Committee, an outgrowth of the New Boston Speaks Community Meeting, submitted a proposal to the LWC Program.  Along with Nashua and Berlin/Gorham, New Boston was chosen to work through a process to assess needs, establish priorities and develop a workable action plan to make New Boston a place where people of all ages and abilities can easily and safely enjoy walking, bicycling and other forms of recreation.  During Phase I, we (the NB Community) will conduct an assessment of our community including mapping key destinations and linkages.  The purpose of this assessment is to develop an action plan.  This Phase can take up to one year to complete and can include up to five community meetings.  These meetings are not all day events but two to three-hour evening meetings over a 12-month period.  Phase II includes the implementation of the action plan and may take many years to complete.   

Several people have asked me where the money will come from to make changes identified by our community.  Some of the money may come from grants written to state and federal government agencies such as the NH Department of Transportation.  We may also be able to apply for funding from foundations interested in our work.  And we may decide to ask for support from town residents through warrant articles and private donations.  

We will be forming an Action Plan Committee that has responsibility for leading the development and implementation of our Action Plan.  Anyone interested in joining either the Steering Committee (responsible for overseeing all the components of our LWC project) or the Action Plan Committee can call me (487-2052) or any other Steering Committee member.

Sandi Van Scoyoc

Members of the LWC Steering Committee include: Lee Allen, Bob Briere, Lee Brown, Ken Lombard, Lyn Lombard, Betsy Dodge, Dona Fairbairn, Sarah Gagnon, Pat Jennings, Katie Kachavos, Cyndie Katz, Judy Keefe, Mary Koon, Louise Robie, Bill Morrissey, John Palmer, Randy Parker, Burton Reynolds, Mike Sindoni, Sandi Van Scoyoc, Rachel Wallace and Candy Woodbury.